Paul R. Ferreira
Paul R. Ferreira

Paul R. Ferreira

Paul R. Ferreira is an attorney | CPA whose practice covers Federal Government Contracting, Outsourced General Counsel,  Business Succession Planning, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Probate.

Paul R. Ferreira is also an officer in the United States Army Reserves.

Paul’s service includes two combat deployments to Iraq. One a deployment to Africa. A second was a combat tour in Afghanistan as a Company Commander. He spent two years on the Joint Chiefs of Staff crafting US policy and strategy for Africa. Paul also spent 18 months with United States Central Command (“US CENTCOM”), working on USA policy and strategy for Russia and South East Asia.

Paul R. Ferreira recently completed a successful Battalion Command.

As a first-generation American, Paul was born and raised in the tight-knit, working-class family. He grew up in a predominantly Portuguese neighborhood known as the “Ironbound” in Newark, New Jersey. “Growing up in that community, you were taught family, integrity, and work ethic mattered most.”

Paul earned a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Accounting was the family business. “Being an accountant was my plan “B” if I did not make it into law school.”

After earning his Juris Doctorate from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City, Paul began his career as a Prosecutor.

Paul was admitted to the Federal, New York, and New Jersey bars in 1989. He was a founder, attorney, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, and decorated war veteran. Paul R. Ferreira served from the battlefield the boardroom. He has practiced in the Greater Tampa Bay Area since 2016. 

Paul conducted complex financial fraud investigations for foreign and domestic insurance companies after transitioning to the private sector. He eventually became a Certified Public Accountant to understand the underlying financial transactions better.

On September 10, 2001, Paul was an accomplished attorney/CPA practicing in the New York Metropolitan area. He was also an officer in the United States Army Reserves. “The next day, I watched the towers come down from the New Jersey side of the Hudson River and realized my professional life was about to go on a serendipitous detour.”

Between 2003 and 2017, Paul R. Ferreira spent over eight non-consecutive years on active duty, including two Iraq tours. The time included a mission to Africa, a tour in Afghanistan, and a two-year stint working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.   Some of my most purpose-filled professional moments happened during my service. I met the most amazing Americans and developed lifelong friendships. Together, we accomplished things I never imagined. I cherish those memories and would not change a thing.

Paul came to Tampa in 2015 in uniform and immediately fell in love with the city. A favorite part was Tampa’s edgy entrepreneurial vibe. I decided to stay when I ended his tour at MacDill Air Force Base.  

Paul completed Veteran Florida’s Entrepreneurship Program and was admitted to the Florida bar in 2016. Paul served as Chief Legal and Chief Financial Officer for a not-for-profit organization, helping solve challenging Warfighter problems.

The State of Florida recognized his professional credentials and completing his tour of duty at US CENTCOM. Paul decided to remain and continue the practice of law in Tampa, Florida.

Paul is a servant leader. He loves to help people. Whether it’s assisting a young entrepreneur in kick-starting his/her business or a senior executive managing wealth, it’s about helping people achieve their goals.

Paul R. Ferreira is still serving as a Colonel in the United States Army Reserves outside of his legal practice. He serves on the Board of Action Zone, a not-for-profit helping Veteran-owned businesses transform the community’s strength and growth.