Cash Flow’s Obvious Importance, Capital: Where to Start, Most Important Thing to do as a Start-Up

When making important financial decisions, it is good to receive solid legal and financial counsel.

As a former Chief Financial Officer to organizations doing business with the federal government, Paul Ferreira has experienced firsthand, the financial requirements government contractors face daily, including determining and managing General and Administrative and Overhead Rates.

Other aspects of legal advice in the corporate finance domain include but are not limited to:

  •     Asset protection
  •     Banking Relationships
  •     Private equity
  •     Highly Compensated Employee Regulations
  •     Know Your Customer
  •     Mergers and acquisitions
  •     Investment and management consulting.


Depending on your business entity’s specific needs, working with an attorney who understands the impact legal decisions have on finances, and other government contract requirements can greatly enhance your team’s success.