Asset Protection

Any individual or business entity has potential threats to its assets, especially those who are successful with a lot to lose.

These threats do not end with just lawsuits dealing directly with your products or services are a large part of professional liability. They include such possibilities as trademark infringement and breach of contract. Your employees can also threaten your assets when something occurs in the workplace.

Examples are:

  • sexual harassment
  • employment discrimination
  • work-related vehicle accidents
  • and workers’ compensation


Your customers could file a claim of faulty products, malpractice, or have a “slip and fall” accident on your property.

Things like divorce, debt, medical bills and foreclosures are well-known risks to your assets in your personal life.

Other problems can come if you have not taken specific steps to plan for leadership succession should something unexpected happen to a key employee.

To protect yourself or your business from one of these liabilities, you might consider several different strategies.

  • Domestic Trusts
  • Offshore Trusts
  • LLCs and Corporations
  • Protecting Your Vehicle


Paul Ferreira is an attorney that works with each individual or company to determine which plans, trusts, and business entities will best meet their specific situations.

He looks beyond conventional legal practice to find the best protection for his clients.