About the Firm

The MISSION is simple; deliver high quality legal services, with exceptional personalized service and accountability.

I created Lexwerx to provide you with the personalized attention, disciplined turnaround time, excellence in results and affordable, upfront fee packages that you can't get from larger legal factories.

You'll find offices conveniently located in Tampa, Riverview, and St. Petersburg.

My clients benefit from 30+ years of legal experience and several of my core services including outsourced corporate counsel, federal government contracting compliance, will, trust and estate planning, as well as business succession solutions.

As a Veteran, you will experience my passion for empowering other Veteran Entrepreneurs to launch their businesses and succeed.

Accredited Member of the



Ditch the alphabet soup that comes with government contracting and let us deal with the FAR, DFARS, SOFARS, ITARs, CAE, OFAC, and SBIR, and CMMC. We have extensive experience in US government contracting, so we will get it right the first time and spare you the headache.


Tired of exorbitant hourly rates adding up to unbearable monthly charges? With Lexwerx, you can staff an in-house general counsel and receive comprehensive legal support for your business and its leaders.


We offer flat rate services to develop formal written plans to protect your legacy. Your family and your business will be covered should you move on.


Additional services offered upon request. Our firm is capable. But, if we can’t help you, we will refer you to someone who can. Book a consultation to inquire about your specific needs.

Umbrella Membership Plans

The most efficient way to keep up with your business’ legal needs.

For a monthly flat fee allowing you to budget accurately, you receive the ongoing tailored legal services listed below from an attorney with whom you have an established relationship to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

  • Providing accurate, relevant, and timely advice to your employer and other members of staff on a variety of legal topics that relate to the business sector and its products or services.
  • Strategic business succession planning. What happens to your business if key leaders can no longer work? 
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various commercial contracts and agreements.
  • Managing and mitigating legal risks by designing and implementing company policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations that apply to the business.
  • Promoting legal, compliance and risk management best practices throughout the company.
  • Communicating with and managing any third-party bodies such as external counsel or auditors.
  • Designing and delivering legal training to the business.
  • Staying up to date with changes to legislation, particularly in relation to laws, rules and regulations that directly affect your business and specific industry.

Up to 4 hours a month $1,600.00 monthly. 

Up to 8 hours a month $2,800 monthly.

Customized plans also available.

Please note that the services listed above does not include 401K plan compliance.

Paul has managed $4+ million lease negotiations, negotiated multiple government contract vehicles to secure over $1 million in R&D revenue and uncovered millions in waste and abuse by leading state health program investigation. From leveraging legal and financial expertise to successfully obtain a Florida medical marijuana treatment center license to negotiated multi-million-dollar sales purchases Paul has a proven results driven track record of success.

Paul believes that the key to harnessing the exceptional talents of our military veterans in the corporate world is a combination of business guidance, legal counsel, and entrepreneurial innovation. He is an accomplished military, legal, and financial officer who operates at the nexus of military strategy, corporate governance, and entrepreneurship to affect lasting worldwide change. Growing up in the Ironbound—a tight-knit working-class Portuguese neighborhood in Newark, NJ—he learned firsthand the importance of a strong work ethic and loyalty to the community. These convictions still drive him to enhance the world around him while working to create opportunities for his military community.

A polyglot, Paul speaks four languages—English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French—and understands the importance of culture and the strength of diversity. Paul is a Bachelor of Accounting, a Juris Doctor, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Certified Fraud Examiner. He is licensed to practice law in Florida, New Jersey, and New York, and has the highest-level security clearance.

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